Membership Help

I Can't Login
Didn't Get Email
I forgot my login information
I keep getting kicked out
I paid but still don't have access

I can't login
  • After registering with (our network partner) an email was sent to the email account you registered with. Double check your username and password.
  • Use your username to login - not your email address. (changed in 2011)
  • Don't copy n' paste your information, type your username and password.
  • Try clearing your browser history cache. How do I do that?
  • Are you trying to access the site from a secure location (bank, school, governement)? Some organizations place restriction on login sites.
  • Some users choose to browse 'anonymously'. Typically you cannot login if you browse in any anonymous mode. (ie: hidden browser agent, no IP address, etc.)
  • If you registered in previous seasons with you will need to purchase the email service again for this year via Dobber Sports
  • Old browsers do not handle new internet functions. Perhaps it's time you upgrade your browser.
    • Check your current browser and version by selecting "Help | About" from the main menu of your browser.
    • We recommend the free Firefox.
    • Internet Explorer 6 is very out-of-date. Please upgrade to the latest version.
  • If login still fails report any error messages you receive and the exact problem to us.
I didn't get an email
  • Please wait at least 15 minutes for emails to be sent out.
  • The email will be from (our network partner)
  • If you still have not received an email please send an email from the email account you registered with to support[at] Provide your first & last names.
  • Instructions will be provided in the return email.
I forgot my login information
  • Forgot Password:
    • Try to recover your password. Click here.
    • If you are still having problems. Please contact us.
  • Forgot Email
    • Your email address is the primary identification method. It is difficult to ensure user/member privacy if you have forgotten your email address.
    • There will be a 24 hour wait as we contact the registered email account first.
    • If a payment email address was used it will be contacted second.
    • You will be required to provide all matching personal information.
    • There is no guarantee an account can be recovered if you forget your registered email address.
I keep getting logged out
  • You get automatically logged out when you click on any main menu tab
  • This issue seem to be with Internet Explorer
    • Fully logout, using the logout button
    • Close your browser then open your browser again
    • Clear your browser history cache (tools pull-down menu)
    • Login again and try a menu item
    • If you still have a problem I suggest upgrading your browser or trying FireFox
I paid, but still don't have access
  • Send us an email using the link below. Report any error messages you receive and the exact problem.
  • Remember to use your username not your email address.
  • We will manually verify account and payment.
I have more questions/concerns
Why should I register
  • Registering is the only way we can get your email address so that you can get your starting goalie notifications.